Finals - RoboCup 2017 Nagoya, Japan

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Leipzig - Germany 2016

In 2016 RoboCup was held inLeipzig, Germany. The video shows the final between Team 'Carologistics' and Team 'Solidus'.

Hefei - China 2015

RoboCup 2015 was held in Hefei,China. The video shows the final between 'Team Carologistics' from Germany and Team 'Solidus' from Swiss.

João Pessoa - Brasil 2014

In 2014 the RoboCup was held in João Pessoa, Brasil. Ten Teams participated in the RoboCup Logistics League. The video shows the final between 'Team Carologistics' and 'Bavarian Bending Units'.

The video shows the robot of Team Carologistics within the Technical Challenge 'Approaching an MPS station'. The challenge shows the new concept of the Logistics League for RoboCup2015. A robot equipped with a gripper transports small cylinders between MPS-Stations (Modular Production System).

Eindhoven - Netherlands 2013

In 2013 nine teams lined up for the RoboCup Logistics League. The videos shows TUMsBendingUnits within their final run.

Team Carologistics contribution to the Technical Challenge 2013. The video shows a Festo Robotino with a Kinova Jaco Robot Manipulator mounted on top. The demonstration shows a possible pathways in the evolution of the Logistics League.

Mexico City - Mexico 2012

In 2012 the 'Logistics League sponsored by Festo' (LLSF) was acknowledged as an official RoboCup League. Nine teams competed against each other in Mexico City. The video shows the final run of TUMsBendingUnits (TU Munich) becoming the first worldchampion of the LLSF.

Istanbul - Turkey 2011

In 2011 the competition was not yet acknowledged as an official robocup league. The competition in which 14 Team took part was named 'Festo Logistics Competition'. The video shows TUMsBendingUnits (TU Munich) winning the final against HHT_Budapest 70:40.