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RoboCup 2018

The RoboCup 2018 took place

from June 18-22, 2018 at the Palais des congrès in Montréal

Located in Montréal’s downtown core, the convention center is in a central location with everything within walking distance.

The Competition

The infrastructure was rather poor. We had a lot of trouble to setup the competition field and to get the infrastructure to run the competition.

This year we introduced a new station - the Storage station. The station was working but the integration into the Ref-Box could only be finished during competition. This was too late that teams were able to use it for the competition.

Registered teams:

Team Carologistics        (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Team Solidus                  (HFTM Mittelland, Switzerland)
Team BabyTigers-R       (Ryukoku University, Japan)
Team PYRO                    (University Lille , France)
Team GRIPS                   (TU Graz, Austria)
Team ER-Force              (University Erlangen, Germany)
Team Brabot (new)       (Union of 3 Universities in Brazil)

Remark: Unfortunately the newcomer from Brazil was not prepared to run the competition. Teams tried to give them technical support such that they get a chance to join successfully our competition next year.


Thanks to the support of  Florian Eith ( Team ER-Force) we could present a first visualization to the visitors  to make the runnning of the competition more graspable. Clearly, there are already many ideas to improve it for the next time.

 Setup Phase

 Exploration Phase

 Production Phase

Final result

Performance of the teams:

All teams could improve their performance . In particular  the two teams  PYRO and GRIPS showed excellent progress.
The team PYRO scored a new record of 134 points in the Round Robin . The strategy of the team was to focus on the
production phase. In fact, it produced not only C0 but also for the first time C1-products. Both teams reached the exciting final.
Unfortunately, the PYRO team had at the beginning problems with their robots such that GRIPS took clearly the lead.
The PYRO team did not gave up and could almost make up leeway but at the end GRIPS could keep a lead of 14 points.

The champion 2017 – the Carologistics team- and the ER-Force team qualified for the game of the third place . This game
was very close and even after extra time scoring of both teams was equal. Teams decided to repeat the game which
finally won by two points.

Handshake after the Final ( GRIPS vs.  PYRO)


Round Robin:

All teams play against each olther. The teams will be ranked according to the accumulated
points they scored in the games.

 Rank Team Marking Points
 1 PYRO 342
 2 GRIPS 184
 3 ER-Force 94
 4 Carologistics 90
 5 Solidus 85
 6 BabyTigers-R 62
 7 Brabot 60


The first six teams qualified for the Playoffs. The teams were divided into two groups In each group all teams play
against each other but now teams have to win the game. The winning team receives 3 points and the other one
receives 0 points. Teams will be ranked according two criterions. First, the number of winning game points and
second the number of marking points.

Group 1: PYRO, ER-Force, BabyTigers-R      Group 2: GRIPS, Carologisics, Solidus   

 Rank Team Points Marking
 1 PYRO 6 111
 2 ER-Force 3 46
 3 BabyTigers-R 0 20
 Group 2
 1 GRIPS 6 121
 2 Carologistics 3 44
 3 Solidus 0 31

Result of the finals:

Third Place:   ER-Force  -  Carologistics      22 : 24

First Place:    PYRO        -   GRIPS                 90 : 104

Technical Challenge

The  Technical Challenge consisted of wo tasks :

   a)  Recognition of machine without using a marker
Open Challenge: showcase  of robot teams

Winner:  Team ER-Force

RoboCup German Open 2018,  April 25 - 29, 2018

This event again took place in Magdeburg.

Registered Teams:

Team Carologistics        (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Team Solidus                (HFTM Mittelland, Switzerland)
Team BabyTigers-R       (Ryukoku University, Japan)
Team PYRO                   (University Lille , France)
Team GRIPS                  (TU Graz, Austria)
Team SmartBots@Ulm  (University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany)


Round Robin:

 Rank Team Marking Points
 1 Carologistics 106
 2 GRIPS 105
 3 Solidus 72
 4 PYRO 61
 5 BabyTigers-R 50
 6 SmartBots@Ulm 50


 Rank Team Game Points
 Marking Points
 Group 1
 1 Carologistics 6 74
 2 Solidus 0 26
 3 SmartBots@Ulm 0 20
 Group 2
 1 GRIPS 6 52
 2 PYRO 3 52
 3 BabyTigers-R 0 20


Third Place:   Solidus           :  PYRO    13 : 10
First Place:     Carologistics  :  GRIPS   26 : 24